Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mayor Fenty CH Small Business Pow Wow

Mayor Fenty is coming to La Cabana Restaurant tomorrow (Tuesday) at 3614 14th Street to talk about small business concerns along with a herd of DC city department reps.

According to the media advisory, the agenda includes "
intoxicated vagrants, prostitution, illegal gambling, violent assaults and loitering. Small business assistance will also be a topic of discussion focusing on permitting issues, street parking and beautification such as fa├žade improvements."

It starts at 6PM. The Heights Life can't make it, but if you do - let us know what the Mayor says: theheightslife@gmail.com.


Dalton said...

Perhaps here are some other things on the mayor's agenda:
1) Driving DC United out of the District.
2) Being inarticulate & meandering when he speaks.
3) Wearing fedoras he can't pull off & that make him look goofy.

Anonymous said...

But... he drives a Smart Car...