Monday, April 6, 2009

The Allegro's PR Firm Knows How to use a Thesaurus

I’ll get to the ridiculousness of the “Desire” opening gala in a minute, but check out the phrases used in a press release about the new Allegro apartments on 14th and Newton.

• urban residential sanctuary
• cosmopolitan-inspired residences
• dramatic 297-unit ultra luxury apartment building

The developers think it takes this much superfluous language to sell a new rental apartment building? Apparently it also needs a gala grand opening celebration. A DJ, the “Velvet Allegro Cocktail Competition,” and more, is all yours to experience on April 22. There’s even a cheesy [read: strikingly evocative sensual milk-product] website at

Hidden in all this is the real news—Thai Tanic one of my favorite Thai restaurants is opening up Thai Tanic II in one of Allegro’s retail spaces.

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