Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TONIGHT: Desire Party... But really they just want you to rent an apartment

As previously mentioned on this blog, Allergo Apartments is holding a wacky ass party tonight to try and rent you an overpriced apartment in Tivoli North*. Sponsored by Grey Goose and OnTap, DESIRE promises you will "find all that you've been longing for." I've kind of been longing for a puppy, so they better have puppies there.

RSVP here. The Heights Life plans to attend

And then come back tomorrow to discuss... Was this the douchiest party to ever occur in Columbia Heights? Or does that honor fall to that house across from the Wonderland that hosted a weak 80s themed fete last Saturday night? That's right white house on the corner - we all saw you!

*Ha - just kidding. There's no Tivoli North! Hahaha.


ArtBart said...

Also, who will be on the "panel of local celebrity judges" who will choose the winner of the drink-named-after-an-apartment contest? Jim Graham? William Jordan? A certain local blogging duo?

Jamie said...

Who cares how "douchey" it is? It's free food and booze!

Lane said...

Apparently it was Jim Graham.