Sunday, April 12, 2009

Help Find Sparky, 11th Street Dognapping - UPDATED

UPDATE from Inspector Delgado:

I am happy to report that SPARKY is back home and in good health. A good citizen saw some children that do not own a dog playing with it. SPARKY was taken and returned. I want to thank the community for the overwhelming support for SPARKY and it's owner.

ORIGINAL POST: A local dog was dognapped, leaving a 92 year old man from Columbia Heights puppy-less. Please help find him, and let us know if the story has a happy ending.

From the forums/email list:

This is a very sad, tragic story. Apparently two teenage boys stole a black shitzu right off the porch of a house on 11th Street. The owner - a 92-year old man - saw the boys take him. NBC 4 and the police are tracking this story and trying to find the dog named Sparky. They are handing out photos of the man and his dog -- the man is apparently understandably very distraught. Those of you in the neighborhood probably have seen him walking Sparky regularly. I know that a photo is posted on a tree in front of Red Rocks. Please check it out and keep your eye out for the little pup so he can be reunited with his owner.

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Holden said...

Per the CH listserv, Sparky has been returned to his owner!