Friday, April 24, 2009

Ellwood Thompson's Store Opening Delayed

It looks like Giant will still be the only grocery store in Columbia Heights. As reported by Washington City Paper and DCist -- Ellwood Thompson's has put their DCUSA store opening on hold.

“We believe that DCUSA in Columbia Heights is an excellent location choice and are eager to serve this community, which is a perfect fit for our products and philosophy. However, with this delay we are acting prudently to keep our company sound during these difficult times for retailers. We continue to work with DCUSA on a timetable to locate there," said Ellwood Thompson's owner Rick Hood on the company's blog.

This is unfortunate news for DCUSA and its tenancy. The most recent additions to the retail complex were the Bank of America and Panda Express, and Desi's chicken looks to be the next expected opening. But after that, who knows. But the real question is, does this mean a revival of the Whole Food for CH petition?

And just for an interesting comparison of where things were almost three years ago, here is the proposed tenant list and layout for street level.

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