Sunday, April 19, 2009

Outdoor Brunching in Columbia Heights

Finally, it's warm and should stay that way. So today, in honor of the sunlight and springtime, The Heights Life takes you on a tour of outdoor brunching in the neighborhood.

The Heights, 14th and Kenyon

Patio: The Heights patio is at the center of the Columbia Heights retail community. The good news: the patio is large and comes with umbrellas. The bad news: 14th Street traffic is omnipresent.

Food: Brunch-time offers anything from a burger to a steak salad to poached eggs on potato pancakes to a full dinner entree, and with their recently enacted recession prices you can expect to pay $8 - $15 for your food. Click here for the menu.

Drink: It's all about the Bloody Mary. Sure, the mimosas are good and the summer drinks are fruity, but the "design your own Bloody Mary" menu can't be beat. Try adding some vinegar. All basic combos will cost you $7.95.

Hours: Opens at 9AM on Saturday and Sunday.

Red Rocks, 11th and Park

Patio: The Red Rocks patio has had some ups and downs - including the attempt at a wintertime tent. The good news: the patio is elevated off the street and pretty big. The bad news: bench seating doesn't make for comfy lounging.

Food: Breakfast pizza, omelets shaped like pizza, and then just some regular pizza. The brunch menu at Red Rocks isn't offered online, but you can read a good review of the food here. The eggs could definitely be better, but at $9-$13 for a meal, the prices aren't bad. Click here for the regular menu.

Drink: Cough up a mere $9 and you can have as many mimosas as you want. The bubbly isn't high quality, but you can drink so many that you won't notice.

Hours: Opens at 11AM on Saturday and Sunday.

Commonwealth, Between 14th & 15th on Irving

Patio: The Commonwealth patio is tucked off the wide sidewalk on the south side of Irving Street. The good news: big tables for groups, small tables for two. The bad news: nothing much to look at but empty retail space.

Food: I will confess to never having sampled their brunch, and if they have a separate menu - it's not online. Commonwealth is certainly the priciest option in the neighborhood. Their "Butcher Breakfast" of poached eggs, bacon, black pudding, Surrey ham and pork and beans costs $17. For the menu, click here.

Drink: It doesn't matter what meal you're having at Commonwealth, just get a beer. It's not the cheapest beer in town, but the selection is certainly interesting.

Hours: Opens at 11AM on Saturday and Sunday.

The Wonderland Ballroom, 11th and Kenyon

Patio: The Wonderland beer garden is The Height Life's favorite weekend hangout and they frequently have live music. The good news: One can spend hours there drinking beer and meeting the neighbors. The bad news: It's a total dive.

Food: They don't offer a brunch, their website describes it as lunch. But, if your hangover requires some greasy bar food - then head here. The chili cheese fries are exactly what you'd expect. Check out the menu.

Drink: The beer garden is perfect for judgment free afternoon boozing. Beer, whiskey shots, whatever - it's all OK at the Wonderland.

Hours: Opens at 12PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Other Options: Red Derby has outdoor space and weekend food. Rumberos has a few seats. Sticky Fingers has some tables out front. Starbucks crams in a couple of chairs on the outside. Potbelly's and Pete's put up tables behind the Metro entrance. And coming soon, Room 11 - they have patio chairs!


Dalton said...

I would argue that the Heights has an added advantage of really sexy bartenders.

Anonymous said...

Like Andy? Totally.