Monday, April 6, 2009

Get your burrito fix in Columbia Heights

Interesting news from the Prince of Petworth this morning: It looks like a Chipotle is going to occupy the empty retail space next to The Heights in Kenyon Square. (Y'know, the one that was supposed to be Royal Blue for nearly 18 months.) While no lease has even been signed yet, I am sure many will have an opinion on this. Do Columbia Heights developments need more national fast food chains? Are you excited for enough-food-for-two-plus meals burritos and burrito bowls? Personally, I wish a Booeymonger would open up in the neighborhood. There are some days I just want a good chicken salad sandwich.


Outlaw Torn said...

Here's what I want: the in-between non-chain type of place. We've got the places like the Heights and Commonwealth and their expensive meals already. We've also got the Subway and Potbelly and their cheap dine-and-go meals.

I want some kind of happy medium that isn't a crappy chain like Ruby Tuesdays.

Lane said...

I think we're doing pretty well for the moderately priced non-chain meal experience if Thai Tanic II really opens and adds to Pho 14, Red Rocks, and Pete's. Hooray for actually being able to eat in the neighborhood.

Steve E. said...

Booeymonger? You go get a movie from Red Box and continue to be a total douche bag.