Thursday, April 9, 2009

CH Email List Fight! Tivoli North! Columbia Heights! Adams Morgan East!

The CH Yahoo! Group is aghast at an old proposal that has resurfaced to name the northern section of Columbia Heights, "Tivoli North."

William Jordan posted some documents. To read the ongoing exchange, check out the Yahoo! Group:

Some explanation from William Jordan, ANC Commissioner for Ward 1A05:

While most Columbia Heights residents and other stakeholders did not know about the effort to rebrand/rename a portion of Columbia Heights to Tivoli North the CM and city officials did as they funded the plan to do so. Residents did not know because the city did not follow its own process for transparency and community involvement. I've attached the 2007 plan which should have had full public vetting but did not which started this process. DCUSA TIF/DHCD CDBG funds are likely paying for this process.

And an interesting email excerpt from a concerned citizen:

Back in the old days - pre-subway - few would even admit to living in Columbia Heights so Real Estate agents called the 14 to 16 hundred blocks of Columbia Heights "Mt. Pleasant East" or "Adams Morgan East", for instance.

Then comes the subway and these Balkanization attempts begin - North, South, East, West (and who knows what else) Columbia Heights.

And now "Tivoli North"?? Many of us fought long and hard to try to have the Tivoli Theater restored to its former glory. We failed. The City catered to special interests and gutted the Tivoli and replaced the former soaring space into a dinky little modern theater and offices.

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