Thursday, April 2, 2009

Columbia Heights Blind Items

What local tapas joint is rumored to be closing its doors? Is this commercial stretch cursed? Or is it just that the Ruby Tuesday's salad bar is sucking up all the business.

Which local bartender is no more? Don't worry - in a few weeks he'll be back, closer to us all, and relieving a little pressure on the Wonderland's Saturday night crush.

Where should Columbia Heights residents be bringing some disinfectant spray? Rumor has it some ring worm was picked up at this local sweat spot.

Also, since that last item is totally obvious - can I just say that sometimes WSC smells really bad? And what's with dirt always speckling the stretching area? That place needs a scrubbing.


dubyaemgee said...

It's hard to imagine Rumberos would be closing. We were there a few Saturday's ago and it was insane. Certainly not a salad bar crowd, either.

Anonymous said...

Can we get a rant going about the crazy guy who rants but quasi sensibly?

He's about 40-55. Glasses. African American. About 5'10"

One night in giant he told me he was white and then reminded me to pay my mortgages.

Another time he came down the columbia heights metro escalator yelling "Here comes the boss!!" to the crowded landing platform below.

He then went up to some passengers to-be and made some coherent suggestions ranging from "Work hard today! We got lots of work to DO today!" and "Yall should try P.Diddy's cologne."

I like him better than most of the regulars around our neighborhood.