Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pho Virgin Becomes Pho Convert

So, until four hours ago, I was a pho virgin. I don't do Northern Virginia, and I'm from a pho-free place in Middle America. Alas, no real opportunities for delicious noodle soup with beef and bean sprouts.

But today, after previous trial and failure, I succeeded in becoming a pho connoisseur (ok... maybe not connoisseur yet, but I'll get there).

The reviews from around my table: thumbs up, five stars, seven spoons... whatever, it was super good. Two of us had the pho, and my friend Ben went for the bun. We also tried both the egg and spring rolls, and I can safely say that a trip to Pho 14 isn't complete without at least one or the other. The sauces that came with everything were delicious, the food came out fast and hot, and I really don't know much about pho, but I know that this was good. I can also say that for $9.50, you could get a large take-out pho and get at least three meals out of it.

I've read reviews saying the service was spotty during the dinner rush, but our waiter (Jack) was fantastic, attentive, and made great recommendations. He informed us that they are working on the table configuration, and he offered up advice to his managers as he negotiated the small space.

He also said that pretty much every night, the rush comes after 6PM and lasts until after 9PM. If you're eager to try it, I'd suggest a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for a late lunch or early dinner.

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