Saturday, April 11, 2009

Looking Glass Lounge Trivia Alternative

Love bar trivia night, but can't always get to the Wonderland on Monday by 6PM to score a table?

Well the Wonderland's sibling bar, the Looking Glass Lounge, has hosted a Thursday night bar trivia contest for some time now. This past Thursday, the Heights Life checked it out.

The details:
  • 8PM start time, arrive by 7:30PM to score a table.
  • Trivia is upstairs, even though the Looking Glass website directs you downstairs.
  • Five rounds, third round is picture, fifth round is audio.
  • Ten questions per round.
  • Up to five people per team.
  • Mystery person question, one clue per round.
  • Double up points on one round of your choosing.
One thing that has caused the quality of trivia at the Wonderland to degrade some in recent years is the open hosting rule. It's a crap shoot. Sometimes a great team will host and present really interesting rounds. Other times some newbies will host and the rounds will be beyond cliche (i.e. the classics).

The Looking Glass is a throwback to the original Wonderland trivia style with a regular host. His categories last Thursday included an open-ended "Easy Questions," a round about disease names, something on presidents' past jobs, a picture round on vampires, and a hip hop one hit wonder audio round. My team unanimously approved of the categories, even if we failed miserably on a few of them.

Host Dalton is a one-man trivia operation, asking and tabulating, which takes some time, but if you're looking for somewhere to talk and hang out with friends while also answering some trivia questions, it's a perfect option.

Trivia night in DC has grown in recent years, and there at lots of options in the Columbia Heights vicinity including the Wonderland, Looking Glass, Solly's, Duffy's, Nellie's, Stetson's and many others. For a list of where you can get your trivia on, click here.

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