Thursday, April 30, 2009

CH on the Interwebs Back in the Day

I found another Columbia Heights archive, this time via the Google.

Check this website out, It's a turn of the millenium web creation dedicated to the neighborhood and appearing amazingly antiquated next to ten years of web development and ten years of neighborhood development.

Among the most interesting finds here - a list of businesses from the neighborhood. Notice how much the restaurants have changed, among other things. And a link to the Columbia Heights Yahoo! Group (still going strong).

They also host some media files, though a lot of them have gone dead. But these stories from people are the neighborhood live on.

And here's a story from 10 years ago about "disastrous development plans" that accompanied the opening of the Metro stop... plans and their consequences that I still hear regularly debated in the neighborhood.

I'm sure some of our readers remember using this site - anyone know who ran it? If it's a .org, it was likely a nonprofit or neighborhood association.


Anonymous said...

ahaha... Innercity.

When I was planning to move down here about a year ago, I found that website and thought, "Where the hell am I moving to?" I was pretty sure it was a high school tech-ed project or something.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the outdated website was run by Dave MacIntyre, the same guy who started the CH Yahoo listserv.