Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things That Are Alive in CH: Escalators, Pho, Circulator

All sorts of things are coming to life in Columbia Heights! No, not cherry blossoms or tulips - blah - I'm talking about escalators!

Our escalator is back!

The "up" escalator at the northbound bus side of our blessed Metro was RUNNING tonight. I am calling the Vatican to investigate, as it's certainly a miracle. The down side, however, was still unmoved. I suspect it may be due to the ground in yogurt pretzels. We'll be lucky if that thing survived the abuse... it's probably next on the "major repair" list.

Pho - for real this time!

We hear that Pho 14 is really actually supposed to open up tomorrow. This after a fake soft launch and some delayed permits. Report back to us if you go, we're especially interested in the FREE egg rolls. Yeah, I said it - free food. Let's storm the joint.

Don't be fooled by the Circulator bus!

So I was all jazzed up to take the Circulator bus to brunch on Sunday. I timed it, I left, I waited - and then I saw it! Red and glorious, it was coming right toward me as I stood on 14th by the CH Metro. And then... and then it just kept going. WTF? Well, apparently I was completely mistaken about where the Circulator picks up. I suggest you try Irving Street, not 14th. And I apologize here for the misguided curses I hurled at the bus driver in my head.

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